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1401 21st Street STE R, Sacramento, CA 95811 | (818) 629-2074

About Us

Here at California Registered Agent, we strive to make the business of doing business quick, simple, and affordable. Our local registered agents are experts in everything California business, and we provide first class customer service along with the best business filings for California.

We know a lot of other companies offer the same services on the surface, but they charge you more while providing less value. Here’s how we buck that trend.

We’re Local Experts

We’re a small business ourselves, so we know what it’s like to pursue a dream from scratch and hope that you’re taking all the right precautions. Every state has its own set of rules and regulations for business formation, and California’s business laws are definitely among the most difficult to navigate.

Local California office worker seated at table

That’s why we hire local specialists who focus strictly on California. A national service might know the broad brushstrokes for forming a business in California. But our agents definitely know the finer details about California business because that’s all we do here in Sacramento.

We’re Affordable

One of our main goals is to provide our clients the best value for the lowest cost. We could charge what others do, but we find that keeping our pricing transparent and affordable is just the right way to do things. Our clients can keep costs down and count on us not to throw any last-second curveballs on the price.

Here’s what we charge:

  • $49 a year for registered agent service
  • $239 to form a California LLC (state fees included and first year of RA service included)
  • $274 to start a California corporation (state fees included and first year of RA service included)

Simple as that. Doing business shouldn’t be rocket science—and quality service shouldn’t cost you hundreds every year.

We’re Reliable

We said that we want to provide the best value at the lowest cost. It turns out that being local allows us to be both low-cost and the most valuable. How? We provide faster service because we’re working locally. We do your filings the right way to keep your personal information off the record. And because we’re local, you can count on us staying put and helping your business remain compliant year after year.

We know running a business is the toughest juggling act there is. That’s why we started this service—to simplify and streamline this part for you at a fair price.