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California Registered Agent Service

Easy online sign up. Fast local service. And a California business address.

If you’re forming a California corporation or a California LLC, registering an out of state entity in California for a certificate of authority or certificate of registration, or are just getting ready to incorporate in California, you’ll need a California registered agent.

At California Registered Agent, we offer reliable local service for just $49 a year. All we do is start and maintain California businesses, so we have an expert handle on how to help you with yours.

California registered agent working at desk

Our California registered agent service includes:

  • A secure online dashboard you can log into at any time to view, download and/or store your important California documents or track your annual report due dates.
  • A California business address where we receive your state and legal mail, and which you can list on public filings.
  • A business domain, website, email, SSL, and a California phone number with virtual phone service.
  • All California service of process and important documents scanned and uploaded immediately into your online account at our California office.
  • Timely reminders to file your California annual reports.
  • An email and invoice asking you to renew our service. You don’t automatically get charged.
  • Immediate forms for filing with the state of California, pre-populated with our California registered agent information.
  • Easy-to-use online account where you can add on additional services.


We aren’t some random website. We’re an actual California registered agent that helps people like you legally operate in California. Our legal address is above!

You pay one flat rate every year. We don’t upsell. There are no hidden fees, cancellation fees, or middle of the year “forwarding” fees.

We are a California registered agent service that helps keep local California businesses in good standing with the California Secretary of State by acting as their registered agent. We help people form domestic California entities, help out of state businesses register to do business in California, and help those companies establish their business presence.

So with California Registered Agent, pay just our $100 business formation fee, $49 a year registered agent fee and the state filing fee in the chart below (expediting available for an additional fee).

Entity State Filing Fee Statement Fee California Registered Agent Required?
California LLC $70 $20 Yes
California Corporation $100 $25 Yes
Foreign California LLC $70 $20 Yes
Foreign California Corporation $100 $25 Yes

You can make these filings by submitting the forms and payment (credit card, debit card, or check) to the California Secretary of State‘s online business portal or you can walk your documents into the Secretary of State office in Sacramento.

Current Processing Times:

Domestic corporations and LLCs
Online filings take around 6 business days. 1-2 day expediting is an additional $350.
Walk-in filings (add $15 for the counter drop-off fee) take around 3 business days.

Foreign corporations and LLCs

Online filings can take up to a month. 1-2 day expediting is an additional $350.
Walk-in filings (add $15 for the counter drop-off fee) take 12 business days
Walk-in filings with expedite service take 3 business days

Does this all feel like a bit much? Hire us for all your LLC formation or incorporating needs, and our expert staff will prepare and submit your formation documents within one day. We’ll navigate the maze of California business filings so that you can focus on getting your business up and running. We’ll also give you a California business address to use on your documents so that you can keep your home address private!

In California, the Secretary of State does not require that signatures on documents be originals. We do not have to sign your forms as your registered agent. If you sign up for our California registered agent service, you’ll receive all the necessary forms pre-populated with our California registered agent information on them to make your filings with the California Secretary of State immediately. We do not have to sign your forms as your registered agent. You will have what you need, AND understand what to do with it, in less than 10 minutes. If you’re changing registered agents to us, you have to refile a Statement of Information. Corporations can do so online:


A certificate of good standing from your home state is needed when filing a certificate of authority as a foreign LLC or foreign corporation in California. Here is a list of fees from some of the common states that foreign entities are from:

  • Utah:  $12
  • Oregon: $10
  • New Mexico : $25-$50

After successfully registering in California, most California business entities have to file an initial report (the California Statement of Information) within 90 days of the forming with the state. They will then file either annual or biennial Statements of Information after that, depending on the type of business in question. The Statement of Information filings can be done online.

If you are going to do business in California, you will need a registered agent. Having your business actually means something to us. and you won’t have a bunch of red tape and hidden fees with us. We aren’t a huge company, but because we actually do business and pay taxes in California, we have the resources in place to make sure we get the job done for you and stay at the top of our game. You can contact our customer service team with any question you might have about California registered agent service and forming or registering a business in California. We’d love the opportunity to serve you.